'Werewolf Boy': Article Analysis

Pages: 2 (499 words) / Published: Sep 29th, 2016
Apply the four truth tests on the article “Werewolf Boy” and see if it stands up to the truth.
Coherence theory of truth – The coherence truth test depends on our past knowledge and how the pieces of information fits together and to see whether it makes sense and if it’s plausible or not. The article about the boy seems false since feral children were myths and were fables for children. A famous fictional story was a book written by Rudyard Kipling, Mowgli. The boy couldn’t possibly survive in the extreme cold weather without any clothing or anything that could give him warmth. This test shows that the article may be a fake story.
Correspondence theory of truth – The correspondence truth test relies on evidence and experience. There is not enough evidence to prove that there is a boy who acts like a wild animal. Even though the article uses pictures as evidence, the pictures seems as if they have been edited by a person or is a photo of someone else’s feet. The feet of the child does not seem to be his as the size of his feet seems to be way bigger than a normal boy’s feet. It is also peculiar that the nails on one foot are longer than the nails on the other foot. Isn’t the length of all nails, or, at least, most of the nails, on both feet supposed to be
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In this test assumptions can be accepted to be true, even if there is no evidence. I still don’t believe this article. The boy can just be a fictional person as this can be an explanation for why the boy ran away and can’t be found. The boy running away can be an excuse so that the journalist can end this case. This boy can also be mentally ill since this can explain the bizarre behavior of the boy and not necessarily could he be raised by wolves. Hence, this test shows that the boy wasn’t necessarily raised by

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