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Were the Romans Different Than the Greeks

By slducky Nov 28, 2008 394 Words
Were the Romans different than the Greeks? How? Were they better off than the Greeks? How? Please post at least one new posting and respond to at least two other postings.

Yes. The Greek people felt that “Divine forces had guaranteed the triumph of right over wrong” after the victories in the Persian Wars. The Greeks reached “…a level of civilization that has rarely, if ever, been reached since—a level that has been a continuing inspiration to our culture.” The Greek people lived a good life until they were conquered by the Romans.

The conquest of the Greeks “…ended the glories of the Classical Age…” but it also blended the Greek culture “…into the Western humanistic tradition.” It was actually the Romans and not the Greeks “…who spread Greek ideas throughout the ancient world and thus down in time to the present.”

The Romans constructed a “…world sufficiently at peace for ideas to have a place in it.” On the contrary, the Greeks lived “…in a world of tension and violence” and could not even get along with other Greeks causing a war between them.

The Greeks placed emphasis on order which “…affected their spiritual attitudes.” One of the most famous Greek proverbs was “Nothing too much”.

The Romans had an enormous impact on our culture. They spread Christianity rapidly because the Roman emperors adopted it as the official religion of the Roman Empire. The Romans were “…modest about their own cultural achievements, believing that their strengths lay in good government and military prowess rather than in artistic and intellectual attainments.” Music was not something the Romans were good at. They were good at “…absorbing and assimilating influences from outside and going on to create from them something typical Roman.” One of the greatest legacies from the Romans is their architecture.

In today’s world the Roman culture is “in fields such as language, law, politics, religion, and art.” Our alphabet comes from the Romans as well as our calendar year.

I believe we received a great deal of our culture from the Greeks, but the world evolves and when the Romans defeated the Greeks, they took and made different culture which we use today. We also use Greek culture today. The key here is that every culture has touched and shaped our lives today and each evolved as time went on.

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