Were the Risks of the American West Worth It?

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Midwestern United States, United States Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Were the Risks of the American West Worth it?

I believe that the risks the American West posed to those who were brave enough to venture out to the American West were worth it. I also believe that I would have moved to the West despite the dangers and corruption happening at the time for two reasons. Number one and most important reason were the economic opportunities. Many immigrants chose the West because of the hope for economic prosperity. Chinese immigrants for example, having heard of the California Gold rush hoped that they would be able to accumulate wealth and return to China. But soon they discovered their labor was a source of steady income and many stayed working as miners and laborers for the railroad corporations. At the time most of the Chinese immigrant were male and were suffering brutal treatment therefore they learned to be self sufficient and many opened their own businesses such as laundries and restaurants. Women from other regions of the United States would also migrate to West. Although a small percentage at the time, they were motivated by the same reason; economic opportunity. Many women would settle in the mining towns providing a wide range of services to the miners from housekeeping to entertainment. Secondly, many groups moving to the west were also seeking freedom. African Americans for example were also hoping to benefit from the economic explosion in the West, but they were also hoping to escape the persecution they were suffering in the Eastern and Southern regions to find freedom start anew. Even though African Americans would face some of the same hostilities they faced in other regions, they stayed. Many African Americans found their freedom and economic stability working as cowboys; other would serve as soldiers during the Indian wars. Despite all the hostilities among the many groups who migrated and immigrated to the American West, economic opportunity and the hope to find freedom outweighed the risks the American...
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