Were The Colonists Justified In Declaring Independence Essay

Beginning in the 1760s was a time of unrest for the people in the thirteen colonies. As Great Britain was continuing to make more and more decisions for the colonists, the colonists were getting more and more irritated. After each new law was passed, the colonists had the same reaction. They felt cheated by the British and they wanted a say in these new laws. Even though the colonists’ actions and reactions to the British were not always appropriate, they were justified in declaring independence against Britain in order to create their own identity with their own laws and acts. The colonists responses to the British laws were not necessarily valid due to their violence. The British were imposing the new taxes and laws in the colonies in order …show more content…
The British took an exorbitant amount of control over the colonists and used their power to punish the colonists. Britain imposed acts that were harsh and unreasonable, one being the Declaratory Act. This stated that the British Parliament had full control over the colonists and that they had the same authority in Great Britain as they did in the colonies. This meant they had the right to tax the colonists whenever and on whatever without any say from the colonists. This was unreasonable as the colonists were beginning to become more and more separated from Great Britain. These people making the decisions and living in Britain did not understand the colonies like they understood the country they were living in. Colonists deserved to be able to have a say and explain their own situation in Parliament. The Intolerable Acts were more acts designed to punish Massachusetts and exert British control. These suspended Massachusetts’s charter and closed the port of Boston. This British should not have been allowed to use this much power and do this. People in Boston could not import essential goods which created an issue for them. The colonists were right in believing that these acts denied them their basic human rights. This country thousands of miles away was wrong in shutting down a city and not letting goods in and out. Not only were they

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