Wengart Aircraft

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Wengart Aircraft

Question 1: Driving and restraining forces toward acceptance of the TQM program at the top management level

1. No Programme and Project & Change Management Office

Larsen is trying to execute a big change by simply sending a memo to the heads, there is no proper planning and no well thought-out execution or implementation strategy which would have taken issue of psychological impact on the employees into consideration.

2. Not a learning organisation

Wengart doesn’t seem to have interest in researching and learning from its competitors, there is no sense of urgency in the entire organisation. It is said in the case that one of Wengart’s big customers has sent a couple of letters to the management and it seems the issues were never taken seriously by Wengart management.

3. Lack of Strategic planning

Wengart is literally going down; it’s just a matter of time before it hits the stage of bankruptcy. Clearly the vision and mission of the company is not translated into the day to day running of the business in meeting its core competencies as the supplier of Aircrafts, i.e, Customer satisfaction, being proactive in meeting customers needs, committing to delivering to the shareholders, and ensuring that the end to end process of their products is stream lined, lean and mean to meet customers demands.

4. No Organisational improvement

In Wengart it seems nobody cares what is happening out side their world, no interest in the global changes, they are told by the Government to adopt the TQM methodologies. Where are the business analysts, research teams, product improvement teams in Wengart? Those are the individuals that were suppose to have the company adopt the latest in business management and improve the production processes.

5. Poor leadership

There is a very poor way of communicating changes, the leadership of Wengart is not taking and making appropriate measures in helping their employees understand the change at hand. Hence we see some kind of frustration on the employees thinking that their jobs will be online. This is/was the time that the visibility of top management should not be questioned, their commitment to their employees should come out at its best in trying times like this one, clarifying all the questions that might be raised relating to the TQM methods.

6. Poor Customer Relations

Wengart has a very poor/weak approach when it comes to maintaining its customer relationships, in fact there isn’t any retention strategies and communications strategies.

7. No JIT & TQM methods

It’s clear from the case that there is no Just-In-Time delivery of products with the company to the customers which ties very closely with TQM, in essence, the two are inseparable to a larger extend.

Question 2: Driving and restraining forces toward acceptance of the TQM program at the line management level

8. Job loses

The line managers could be of the opinion that the top management is in the process of down sizing, hence the resistance.

9. No Clear directive

There is no one from the top management who is well versed with this TQM, and the top management wants this to be implemented, there is no visibility of sponsorship to this initiative, in actual fact there is no point of reference should there be question from the staff.

10. No engagement by leadership

There is no engagement with the larger community of employees of Wengart, the change has not been communicated as a benefit to the line managers and the employees. Thorough and proper protocols of engagement in term s of communicated the change should be followed; management must get buy-in from the employee community as opposed to telling them what to do. Passive resistance is adamant and to be followed by a greater chances of industrial action.

11. No Communication

No proper communication was implemented to...
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