Wellness Industry as a Career Option

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Wellness industry as career option
 The wellness industry focuses on the connection among body, mind and spirit. Throughout the wide variety of careers in the industry, wellness specialists work to improve the lives of clients and the community. Career opt ions in the wellness industry range from entry-level jobs to positions that require formal training and certification. Fitness

 In the area of fitness promotion, professionals can find work as trainers, fitness coaches and specialty instructors. Specialties in wellness centers include yoga, Pilates and aerobics.

Fitness professionals with advanced education and certification work with disabled persons and those returning to work or school after an accident or injury. These jobs include physical therapists, occupational therapists and recreational therapists. Nutrition

 Those in nutrition careers help clients to develop proper eating habits. This requires a review of their current habits and an assessment of their health and their goals. Nutritionists and dietitians plan meals, recommend changes in diet and counsel clients. Further careers in this area include personal chefs and weight loss counselors. Additional Career Options

 Career opportunities in corporate wellness programs include membership enrollment, program coordinators and new business recruitment. The wellness industry also encompasses counselors, massage therapists and psychologists. Positions can also be found with spas and in programs related to skin care, acupuncture and relaxation techniques. Nursing homes and retirement communities employ activities directors to help keep their elderly residents active.

The wellness industry is a field of healthcare focused on improving everyday health and state of well being, rather than treating a disease or curing illness. Wellness can be looked at from either a consumer or corporate perspective. Activities often associated with wellness include yoga, fitness, outdoor activities,...
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