Wellness and the Health Triangle

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Wellness and the Health Triangle
Write three choices you made in the last week that may have affected your health. Also, you should note if the choices affected your health in a positive or negative way.

Went to the dentist- Positive
Learning Targets
I can define health and wellness
I can identify the three sides of the health triangle
I can discuss the importance of practicing good health habits. What is Health
What are some words that come to mind when you hear the word health? (list them on your Daily handout sheet) ** leave room to answer 5-6 questions

Health involves more then just physical well-being.
Do you know students who always get into fights?
Are they healthy?
Do you know someone who is unhappy no matter what they do?
Being in good physical shape is important, however there is more than that to good health. Foundations of Health
Health is a combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being.

Physical Health- includes total care of your body.
Keeping your body fit, practicing cleanliness and good grooming habits, and eating a balanced diet.

Mental/Emotional Health- includes liking who you are and accepting yourself. Expressing emotions in a healthy way, facing life's problems, and dealing with its pressures and stresses in a positive way.

Social Health- getting along with others
Working or playing well in a group, making and
keeping friends, and giving and getting support
when needed.
The Health Triangle
Each side of your triangle is equally important to good health. By working to keep the sides balanced, you will be on your way to becoming a healthy person. Wellness is an overall state of well-being. It involves doing you best in all three sides of the health triangle. Activity
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