Well-Rounded, Strong-Willed Person

Topics: Learning, History of education, Education Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: November 11, 2009
“Well-Rounded. Strong-Willed. Passion”
Among the several parts of the historical background of Liberal Arts, “The Unifying Principle” is one of the most important ones because it has been a significant partof many people’s lives. “The first task of the Liberal Arts is to secure the liberation of the mind from those many fetters that can bind it; notably ignorance, prejudice, and the influence of the passions. In and through this essential freedom, the freedom of the mind, our ‘humanity’ is revealed,” (Flannery, 6). This strong quote from the explanation of “The Unifying Principle” helps show us how being a liberally educated person is like being free, or liberated. Additionally, it keeps the liberally educated person’s mind from being bias towards anyone or anything. These are both important characteristics to have in our society, and liberally educated people acquire them as they receive their liberal education. They are very strong-willed, and always hungry for knowledge. An American abolitionist named Frederick Douglass is a wonderful example of someone who truly values the liberal education. He is an inspirational man who had no reading or writing skills, but with all of his passion to learnhe was able to teach himself how to read and write. Even though he struggled as he learned these skills, he realized that “education is freedom,” and that it would set him free in the end. “The silver trump of freedom had roused my soul to eternal wakefulness. Freedom now appeared, to disappear no more forever,” (Douglass, 279). This quote from Douglass’ writing conveys the importance of a liberal education and how it has the ability to set someone free. Even though he had to educate himself, Douglass still turned out to be a well-rounded individual who was able to communicate well and form his own opinions. All in all, Frederick Douglass is a smart liberally educated man who learned from his own education experience, and was able to write about it in order to inspire...
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