Welfare in the United States

Topics: Welfare fraud, Welfare, Fraud Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: April 25, 2007
Welfare in the United States
In the US today we have many resources, and organizations that Americans can reach for when they are in a time of need Some Americans will never reach out towards these "helping hands", but others will if they fall on to hard times. The United States funds many of these welfare programs for just that, the idea of when someone experiences paucity, their country, the people, can help them. There are many programs with welfare institutions such as the Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and the Social Security Disability Income (SDSI); they can help one with a give a stable income to a not so stable situation. Americans can receive things as discounted items, and food stamps if needed. Though in many cases America's "helping hands" are being abused, by the growing of welfare fraud, (www.newsmax.com ). Some Americans see this "free money" and extract it for all it is worth, while doing so committing fraud, and or disability fraud; in turn hurting the hard working taxpayer, (www.cbpp.com).There is a growing rise of people becoming dependent on welfare, instead of taking advantage of their own abilities and working towards their own future goals. America needs to install stricter policies to be able to receive welfare, and those who already receive welfare, and disability. If stricter policies were put in place Americans could actually be saving money overall if welfare organizations could eliminate a majority of welfare, and disability income frauds, (www.cato.org).

Fraud, in welfare terms, could be considered as a number of things, form withholding income to reporting a fictional child to receive more benefits. When receiving welfare, and or disability incomes the welfare system are supposed to have regular case checks on their recipients , but due the number of cases there is a backlog, with some cases going unchecked for years (www.cato.org). Welfare fraud stretches also to things like food stamps, a case in Orange County...

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