Topics: Person, Suffering, Unemployment Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Welfare is widely used throughout America and many other countries. As people lose their jobs in a weak economy, the use of welfare has increased. Welfare helps those in need of economic help by trying to make things easier for them. Welfare brings out help by providing food stamps, mass health education, and food shelters for those who are already living at their lowest points.

Welfare should be given to those who really need it. It should not be distributed to all. Some people apply for welfare when they do not even need it and can afford to live a decent living. Some who desperately need welfare do not receive it because they either do not fulfill the proper requirements or are turned down because the government cannot support as many people in the system. The welfare system should really pay attention to those who require welfare than let others lie about it and get away with receiving it when it is unneeded in a situation.

For this reason, people on welfare should be continually checked. Some continue to stay on welfare once they get a job which makes it unfair for to other people who have no job and cannot get on welfare. Once someone attains a job and can afford a decent living, they should be taken off of welfare as they can now provide without support. There should also be no time limit on welfare.

A person should be able to recover on their own pace. If they were to recover on a time limit basis, that might not be enough time for someone to find a new job and get back up on their feet. If the time limit was over and the individual did not attain a new job, that individual would suffer financially and be off on their own without any support. Those in need, need to have some sort of help to regain a stable financial position.

The better approach towards helping those in financial issues is through welfare. Paternalism does not provide a stable policy. Through paternalism, an individual is controlled under a high authority. They have no say in...
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