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Topics: Holy Spirit, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, Spirit Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Rose Monie G. Hkaw Myaw
BSED- 2nd

Speech Welcome
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our 6th sport competition which is taking place at the JASMINE's sports centre 2yrs after it went to the National Stadium. There are so many reasons for coming to the JASMINE's sports centre one of them being its nearness and convenience in view of the tight time situation we have had on our hands since the beginning of the year.

Another reason is because until about 12days ago we were not really sure whether it was going to hold. This was because as we thought the Matriculation exams set earlier this year by Government was going to take place in April and would therefore have disrupted preparations for the competition. However as soon as our officials got the new dates for the exam we set to work and what is before you has involved less than 2 weeks of preparations.

This is not, however, to say that our students are not going to compete as hard as possible today. No not at all because they have been practicing since November last year. But everyone in ROSE College who understand how tight our academic programs usually are would also have noticed how tight the program for these practices has been. I therefore wish to salute our staff members who took it upon themselves with courage and determination to put the events of today together.

The Chairman for today’s occasion is not only a parent but also a personal friend and colleague from our days at the college of the Holy Spirit. I am sure he would also recollect how seriously our college viewed sports with our magnificent sports centre & various facilities. Anyone who attended the college of the Holy Spirit in those days would surely want to relive the memories of a beautiful institution and its facilities. To tell the truth this has been one of the reasons why we went to the National Stadium in the past 2 years for our competitions.

However since a decision has been taken to use the JASMINE's...
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