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By deejay231 Oct 22, 2014 280 Words

“Why I Came To Blue Ridge Job Corps Center “
What did I do before I came to Blue Ridge Job Corp?
My name is Dionne Jackson I was born in Long Island, New York. I am 22 years old and I dropped out of school at a very young age. I have two children that are both two years old Jayvionne Jackson & Shayla Brown that I have been taking care of by myself, but right as now there with my father. I used to work at a restaurant called Denny’s for about 8 months I also Volunteered at a Nursing home helping decorate & make activities for them while they are there I currently reside in Hampton, Virginia with my sisters and family, and I hope to become a productive individual one day. Being here is an opportunity of a lifetime to create a better life for me & my children.

Who influenced me to attend Blue Ridge Job Corp ?My family influenced me to come to Job Corp because its free it also helps me become more employable, responsible & a productive citizen. Job Corps Is a place where I can receive my High School Diploma, Drivers Licenses & also become trained in a variety of trades. At this point I really had no choice in whether I was going to attend or not this was my only choice. The main reason why I came here with for my family & children.Why am I here? I am here to prove that I can be .whoever I want to be in never give up on something I want to achieve a lot being here High School Diploma & Permit .

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