Welcome Home

Topics: Sexual arousal, Orgasm, Nipple Pages: 6 (2260 words) Published: September 15, 2010
Welcome Home, Soldier
by PaulieG©

I was finally going home. After a year in Iraq, I was going home to my beautiful wife. Little did I know that not only had the war changed me, but my home life would change too. 

Genneveve, or Gennie as everyone called her is 11 years younger than me. At 38, I marveled at the fact that she still didn't look a day over 25. Standing 5-7 with coal black hair contrasting with her nearly translucent smooth white skin, the contrasts didn't stop there. Every bit a woman, she acted like a young virginal girl in the bedroom, until she was close to cumming, then she turned into the dirtiest mouthed whore you've ever heard. Gennie's tit's are not large but they jut out and stand proud like an 18 year old girl, and her bee stung pink puffy nipples tend to make a grown man salivate when he first sees them. Her flaring hips, and rounded butt, taper down to long shapely legs, which stay that way from frequent trips to the gym. Gennie is hot.

After a 20 hour flight home, a week spent following painted lines throughout processing, and a four hour flight back to my hometown, I walked up the jetway and out to the baggage area where Gennie greeted me like we were home alone in our bedroom. Jumping up and wrapping those legs for days around my waist, her pussy mashed into my thickening cock and immediately I detected two things: My wife wasn't wearing panties, and her pussy was dripping pussy juice, making a rather large, rather noticeable wet spot on my uniform pants. Forcing her tongue into my mouth like she was trying to give me a dental exam, she crushed her two tits into my chest and I could clearly feel her hardened nipples drilling into my skin.

After the kiss ended, I was somewhat embarrassed by the spontaneous applause from the rest of the people waiting for their luggage, which was nothing, compared to the huge wet spot I had to wear out of the airport, as we walked to the car.

Gennie waited until we got through paying the parking attendant before she flung her hands into my lap and, unzipping my pants, reached in to pull out my already hardening cock. Gennie then leaned over and engulfed my exposed cock like it was on fire, and the only way to put it out, was with her hot wet mouth. Her full lips thinned as she closed them over the flared head. Using her hand to encircle the shaft, she started to suck and jack my cock in earnest. I groaned as less than a minute later I released a year's worth of pent up cum into her mouth. Try as she might, she just couldn't swallow fast enough to get all my cum down her throat. A puddle formed in my lap, as the last spurt entered her hot mouth. She lovingly caressed my cock, then bent further to clean up the puddle with her tongue.

As she sat up, I noticed another huge wet spot on my pants. Somehow this one didn't bother me as much. Her belly filled with my cum, she said, " You needed to get rid of that one so you can last longer when we get home". 

When we pulled into the driveway, she got out of the car and raced into the house. I struggled to my unsteady feet, and got the bags from the trunk before I headed inside. Upon entering the door, I received a shock that caused a triple reaction. First I dropped the bags, then my mouth fell open, and last but certainly not least, my cock got instantly hard.

Standing in the middle of the living room, my wife was bare ass naked, but that wasn't what caused my jaw to drop, or create an instant hard on. On both sides of my wife were our next door neighbors, Chris and Tiffany, both of them were nude also.

Chris and Tiffany moved in next door a year before I deployed to Iraq. Both in their early twenties, both extremely vivacious, and good looking, they were a hard bodied couple that had both my wife, and I drooling over them each time we saw them. Chris is 6-4 with brown hair, green eyes, a strong jaw line, and a weight lifters body. My wife used to look at him like he was a slice of chocolate cake...
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