Weight Training and Nutrition Secrets by Mike Geary

Topics: Exercise, Physical exercise, Weight training Pages: 53 (21250 words) Published: March 6, 2010
1.0 INTRODUCTION I hope you enjoy your copy of Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a LeanBody. Please feel free to email this e-book to any of your friends, family, or coworkers that you think would enjoy these topics. They will surely be thrilled that you shared all of this information with them!

Inside this e-book, you’re going to find various powerful strategies to make your training and nutrition program more exciting and result producing. You’ll find out the truth about cardio. You’ll discover some extremely effective strength training exercises, tips, and strategies. You’ll even discover some new training styles that have emerged in recent years as well as some fresh ideas you’ve probably never thought of before. I’ll also give you some great healthy meal ideas and unbiased nutritional strategies…none of that low-carb or low-fat gimmicky crap! I’m also NOT going to give you any of the same old BS that you’ve heard from mainstream health professionals about how you need to do endless hours of boring cardio routines, and eat nothing but bland meals like tuna and rice, or plain grilled chicken with broccoli in order to get in great shape. HELL NO!

Instead, I’m going to show you that you can enjoy life to the fullest while simultaneously building the body of your dreams and increasing your energy so that you feel like a million bucks every single day. Not only that, but you’ll be able to perform like never before…whether it’s performing physical tasks at home, dominating the competition on the playing field, or even performing in the bedroom! Yes, these are all just the start of some of the benefits of striving to achieve your own peak fitness.

Aside from the fact that you can take action now and improve how you look, feel, and perform, one of the most important aspects of taking responsibility for your own fitness is that you’ll live a longer, happier life and reduce your risk of degenerative diseases. In all seriousness, the health condition of the majority of people in developed nations has deteriorated to such an extent that it has literally

Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body www.TruthAboutAbs.com become a crisis. In the US, experts estimate that approximately 70% of the adult population is currently overweight or obese. That means that if you are a lean and healthy individual, you are a minority! It has literally become the norm for most people to be out of shape, overweight, and ridden with degenerative diseases like type-II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. That’s pretty sad. With as fast as obesity rates are increasing, if things don’t change soon, we could very likely see 9 out of every 10 people as overweight or obese in another decade or two.

Something needs to give. People need to start taking responsibility for their own health and fitness and that of their families. Nobody else is going to do it. The billion dollar food manufacturing companies sure aren’t going to do it. All they want to do is make huge profits by selling you cheap junk food, heavily refined and processed full of chemicals that are causing a cellular disaster within your body. The billion dollar pharmaceutical companies sure aren’t going to look out for your health either. Hell, they want you to be sicker than ever, so that you’ll have to buy more of their medicines. And the rich supplement companies won’t look out for your health either. They love the fact that people are getting fatter all the time, so that they can persuade you with fancy marketing into thinking that there’s a quickfix solution and all you have to do is spend lots of money on some of their pills and you’ll magically be lean and mean without changing anything else in your life.

It’s pretty simple as to why the world is becoming a fatter place at an astonishing rate. For one, the population has become increasingly more sedentary over the years. Kids no longer spend most of their time running around and playing games outside....
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