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Weight Management

By WongYaShin Jun 30, 2013 432 Words
Weight management is a global health issue concordant with rapid growth of human population. Weight management not only refers to losing pounds but also gaining pounds, as long as a healthy weight is maintained. Successful weight management builds up one’s self-esteem with a better physical appearance and reduces the risk of developing life-threatening diseases. Maintaining an ideal weight requires a lifelong commitment to healthy lifestyle by consuming a balanced diet,exercising regularly and practising effective stress management.

Undeniably, eating a balanced diet is vital to keep one’s weight under control. People should eat a balanced diet which mainly consists of vegetables, fibres, minerals and carbohydrates in right proportion. To reduce body’s calories intake, snacks high in calories should be avoided. Food that high in calories and fat can still be eaten occasionally but at the same time they should be balanced out with healthy food and more physical activity. Furthermore, overweight people are advised to consult a certified health coach or dietician for helpful strategies and guidance to lose weight.Having a healthy diet contributes a lot in getting an ideal weight.

One of the keys to success weight management is making exercise part of one’s daily routine. Exercise lowers the risks of developing certain diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. Through exercise, excess calories that would be stored or deposited as fat otherwise can be burnt off. Every food that we consume contains calories. To maintain a healthy weight, the amount of calories one expends through exercise must be balanced with the calories consumed. For instance, one is encouraged to do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week.Several studies have shown that people who exercise on regular basis tend to have healthy weight as compared to those who do not.

Effective stress management is helpful in maintaining body weight. People living urban lifestyle encounter stressful situations much, particularly in workplace, school or family. When one faces stress in prolonged period, a body hormone known as cortisol is produced excessively. This leads to increase or decrease in appetite, thus contributes to great fluctuation of weight. Stress could be properly managed by doing relaxation exercise and having adequate sleep. People facing less stress maintain their ideal weight more easily.

For the sake of good health, people should take initiative to achieve their optimum weights. Without proper weight management, people might easily get weight-related diseases. Consequently, this increases their financial burdens with the escalating medical care costs nowadays. Hence, one should always keep an eye on his or her weight as prevention is better than cure.

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