Week4 Team Assignment
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Riordan Manufacturing Audit Risk CMGT/582

Riordon Manufacturing Audit Risk
As Information Systems become more complex and business organizations become better prepared at protecting these systems so has the means in which attacks on these systems evolved. Many new issues have emerged and are changing the way in which or world views hackers and the chaos that these individuals can cause. The purpose of this section is to discuss some of the most visual and controversial of these issues. Finding solutions to avoid these attacks are what drives the need for security and security systems to constantly evolve and adapt to new threats and avoid being overrun and or shut down due to malicious actions of hackers who only wish to cause mayhem.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
According to an article that I have located using a Google search engine, some of the highest utilized issues that occur are:
“1. State-sponsored espionage: This challenge highlights the need to protect critical data from politically or financially motivated threats. Critical data includes the information needed to run network attached infrastructure as well as the intellectual property used to manage business and drive innovative solutions.
2. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks: Security professionals in the financial services industry are likely to agree to our second challenge: DDoS attacks. We can expect to see a higher risk of business impacting threats with the shift from computer-based attacks, generating large number of lower bandwidth events, to virtual server or cloud-based attacks, generating ultra-high bandwidth events. With these new attack vectors it becomes even more beneficial to identify and mitigate large DDoS events while traffic is in the network cloud. (Hurst, 2013)”
DDoS affects an organizations ability to communicate effectively and operate at a maximum pace. Attacks cause bandwidth issues. This simply means that the organizations

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