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Utilizing Technology in Business
October 13, 2014
David Fogarty
Utilizing Technology in Business
In today's world, everything is in done electronically. From sending Emails between friends, updating statuses to being important to keep a business up and to run. Managers could use technology to keep up with the competitors. In this paper, we will discuss how technology is used and how to determine how much technology is useful or if it is more harmful. We will so be discussing the different methods that will help people come to the conclusion wither it is useful or harmful. By The end of this paper, you will come to the conclusion that this research is necessary to determine if technology is worth using despite the risks. Opportunities in technology

In the business world, technology brings many opportunities to the company. One of the most important aspects of having technology in the workplace is being able to expand your business quickly and efficiently. Obtaining and retaining customers is easier because businesses can contact and market to them more quickly with technology. "Business technology such as video conferencing, social networks, and virtual office technology has removed workplace boundaries that previously limited expansion" (Scott, S. 2014). Technology also improves communication in the workplace by not limiting employees to phone calls and inter-office mail. Email allows messages to be delivered instantly and without disrupting the recipient. Being able to communicate electronically not only helps with office employee communication, but also makes communication with customers and business partners easier by being able to contact them almost immediately. Social media especially have become a very popular way of reaching out to customers and gaining new customers with marketing. Technology in the office can help save time with work flow, and also save space with digital filing. Using computer systems can allow for necessary...

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