Week1 Assignment (CSC106)

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CSC106 Week 1 Assignment
CSC106 Computer Concepts
January 13, 2014
Chapter 1 Recourses

From the first look at the CourseMate recourses, user will find a number of very intelligent tools that can help him/her to read, practice, and even taking some quizzes to evaluate his/her level. Those recourses are available for each chapter and can be accessed easily with valid course key and CourseMate pin number. Chapter eBook

Chapter eBook is the first recourse in the list and I personally believe that it is the most valuable resource. The main reason makes it very useful is easiness to read, print and search in a superfast way for any terms or question in the book. Unlike the original textbook, the electronic copy allows readers to jump to any page and search for the desired section in the book. eBook Interactive Activities

The eBook Interactive Activities function helps student to do some exercise based on Drag-and-Drop option. It also, has an animation library as well as video library to assist students who seek for more information about the chapter. Web Apps

Web Apps is another way for students to enhance their knowledge about the course. It has three sub resources. These resources are as follow: 1. Flash cards: It is similar to the traditional note cards but in electronic bases. It helps students to recall the terms and definitions of the textbook. 2. Study Guide Web app: It opens in separate page and start gives quick questions from the chapter so student can gauge himself/herself of readiness. 3. Practice Test Web app: It is a simulation of real quiz so students can practice it in unlimited bases. All of the preceding three sub-resources can be accessed not only by Desktops or laptops, but even by tablets or/and smartphones. Global Tech Watch Projects

Global Tech Watch Projects is a very excellent tool for students who look for more information, media or newspapers and magazines related to the course or the chapter itself....

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