Week Three Assignment Hca 320

Topics: Communication, Public relations, Mass media Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: June 30, 2013
Health Care Communication Methods
June 17, 2013
Lyubov Kiseleva
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Every day in the health care field, professional have to choose the most effective communication method when communicating to other professionals, patients, patient families, and the general public. Different circumstances have very specific methods of communication that need to be utilized for communication to be effective. Furthermore, in the health care field the regulations of HIPAA have to be considered to ensure that certain information is being protected as well as identity of people pertaining to the health scenarios. Further will be discussed the methods of communicating in the health care field, the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional, electronic, and social media for health care communicating, and the effects of HIPAA and other regulations on the use of media in the health care field of communicating. Communication coordinators of any health care field have to decide often which methods of communication he or she would have to utilize and the rules and regulations that govern those methods. In one scenario, a communication coordinator that works for a national drug manufacturer has received report that there has been a report of significant negative side effects caused by one of the medications that is used by a large population of people and one including a well-known public figure. News reports having been reporting that of the possible individuals who have been taking this particular drug is effected by the side effects. The communication coordinator has to decide how to address the news reports and the general public about this situation. There are many different ways to communicate with the general public regarding the scenario described. As mentioned before the communication coordinator has to reach out to the general public regarding a medication that was distributed by a national drug manufacturer...

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