Week Seven

Topics: Psychology, Assertiveness, Withdrawal Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Week seven
Key terms
1. Perceived competence: Children with low perceptions of their athletic abilities drop out or do not participate in sport, whereas children with high perceptions of their competence participate and persist. 2. Sport-specific dropouts: withdraw from a particular program but enter into other sports. 3. Sport-general dropouts: withdraw from all sport participation and they are a special concern. 4. Affiliation motive: a major motive that children have for sport participation.

Review Questions
1. Why is it important for people who work with young athletes to know sport psychology? It’s because sport psychology is vital in youth sport setting and children are at such critical point in their developmental cycles, there for a qualified adult leadership is crucial to ensure a beneficial experience. Moreover, sport experience can have important lifelong effects on the personality and psychological development of children. 2. What reasons do children cite for sport participation and withdrawal? How does a child’s level of perceived athletic competence relate to participation and withdrawal? Most of the motives children have are intrinsic (e.g., to have fun, to learn skills). Winning clearly is neither the only nor the most common motive for participation. Most young athletes have multiple reasons for participation, not a single motive. Although most children withdraw because of change of interests, a significant minority discontinue for negative reasons (e.g., pressure) Underlying the descriptive motive (e.g., fun) is the child’s need to feel worthy. 3. Distinguish between sport-specific and sport-general withdrawal. Why is this distinction important? The distinguish between sport-specific and sport-general is that children are withdrawing from their programs, and get in other sport or they are drawing from sport participation altogether. 4. What are the positive and negative components of peer relationships in young athletes? Why are these...
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