Week 8 Lab 80

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The main ingredients to form thunderstorms are




D.All the above.

Answer Key: D

Question 2 of 9
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The most likely time for an ordinary cell thunderstorm to form is

A.just after sunrise.

B.late afternoon.

C.just before sunrise.

D.around midnight.

E.at noon.

Answer Key: B

Question 3 of 9
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Which of the following regions would you expect to have the most tornadoes in the winter?

A.northern Great Plains.


C.southern Gulf States.

D.southern Great Plains.

Answer Key: C

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In a region where severe thunderstorms with tornadoes are forming, one would not expect to observe

A.a dry tongue of cold air between the 700 and 500 mb levels.

B.moist warm air moving north at about the 850 mb level.

C.the polar jet stream above the region.

D.a strong ridge of high pressure over the region.

Answer Key: D

Question 5 of 9
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The upper part of a thunderstorm cloud is normally _____ charged, and the middle and lower parts are _____ charged.

A.positively, negatively

B.positively, positively

C.negatively, positively

D.negatively, negatively

Answer Key: A

Feedback: Good job!

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Where is the major ridge axis over the US in the image below?

A.Over the Great Lakes region

B.Over the southeast US.

C.Over the west coast of the US

D.Over Texas.

Answer Key: A

Question 7 of 9
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Where is the major trough over the US in the image below?

A.over the Great Plains of the US

B.There is no trough in the image.

C.over the west coast of the US

D.over the southeast US.

Answer Key: A

Question 8 of 9
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In the image of dewpoint temperatures below, what region will have enough moisture to sustain severe weather?

A.Southeast US northward to Iowa.

B.Central Texas

C.All of Kansas and Colorado.

D.New Mexico.

Answer Key: A

Question 9 of 9
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Given what you know about the ingredients needed for severe weather, using the 500 mb heights map, dewpoint map and wind fields (all for the same time), where would you forecast severe weather?

500 mb heights

Surface Dewpoint Temperature

Surface Winds

A.A line from Atlanta, GA westward to New Orleans, LA

B.Great Lakes region.

C.A line from Central Missouri southward to Louisiana.

D.Only in Central Texas.

Answer Key: C

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