Week 8 Assignment PAD 510

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Running Head: “Affordable Care Act – Assignment 3”

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act – Assignment 3
Strayer University
Dr. Neely
PAD 510
August 25, 2013


This is Assignment 3 for the Affordable Care Act. This paper contains the corrected Assignment 1 and 2 as well as Assignment 3 which is the Position Paper. The Affordable Care Act is a frequently discussed topic today by Americans. The Affordable Care Act is supposed to allow all Americans to have affordable health care. This Act was introduced and signed under President Obama’s Administration. It has received positive and negative feedback.

“Summary of the Policy”

President Obama’s administration developed a Health Care Plan. This Plan originated because many Americans did not have health insurance. “More than 45 million Americans during the onset of President Obama’s Health Care Reform lacked health insurance. U.S. life expectancy, infant mortality rates, and deaths caused by a lack of access to healthcare were worse than those of other wealthy democracies” (Ventola, 2009). The Health Care Plan is known by several names. The official name is the Affordable Care Act. The name that was created by Republicans is “Obamacare” because it originated with President Obama.

Assignment 1 Corrected
“Problem of the Day and the Urgency for the Policy”

President Clinton:

Health care as great concern from the beginning of President Clinton’s Administration. The cost of Health Care for Americans was increasing rapidly. “The recession of 1990-91 had brought fears of not being insured to the ranks of the middle class. Employers were shifting the costs of insurance to their employees, and employees were afraid to switch jobs for fear of losing their health insurance. So, in the early 1990s President Clinton called on first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to lead an effort to enact major health reform legislation” (Wilson, 2013). Health Care Reform was a failure for President Clinton’s Administration.

President Obama:
Ventola (2009) emphasizes the goals of the President’s Plan: The goal of President Obama’s health care plan is to retain existing providers, doctors, and plans, and build on the current health care system to provide accessible, affordable care for all Americans. More than 45 million Americans during the onset of President Obama’s Health Care Reform lacked health insurance. U.S. life expectancy, infant mortality rates, and deaths caused by a lack of access to health care were worse than those of other wealthy democracies. The cost of U.S. health care had risen from 9.1% of gross domestic product in 1980 to 17% in 2008. If these costs continued to rise at a rate above income and inflation, health care expenses were projected to be 20.3% of GDP by 2018. The increasing cost of health care was making it harder for families to meet their basic needs. These costs also made it harder for businesses to compete in the 21st century. Something definitely needed to be done to provide health insurance to all Americans.

“Social, Economic, and Political Environments”

Social, economic, and political environments have a great impact on public policies. Many people feel as if the United States had failed by not creating a system of national health insurance. They have concluded that this has put the nation behind other industrialized states. They even feel as if some less-developed nations such as Cuba and South Africa deliver better health care than the United States (Birkland, 2011, p. 62). Health care reforms involve an increase in government activity and this is viewed by many as socialized medicine. The thought of socialism causes many Americans to reject the idea of national health insurance (Birkland, 2011, p. 171). Social:

President Clinton:
President Clinton erred in appointing his spouse to undertake the Health Care Reform Committee. “An ABC News poll...

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