Week 7 Comparing Values Hsm210

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Comparing Values – Check Point
What social issues do you feel strongly about?
I feel very strong about social issues involving children. My main objective is to help and aid in the care of children that have been abused, neglected, or displaced. Children pull very hard on my heart strings. I need to make a difference in this life before I leave it, and I will make a difference in children’s lives other than my own. Children did not ask to be born, we as adults and even older children that may think they are adults chose to bring them into this world. It is our responsibility to nurture and assist them to become successful in their future. I am currently in the process of possibly opening up a youth center in our small town that will contain video games, pool, arcade, and foosball. In this we will also offer snacks and refreshments. There will be a ZERO tolerance to bullying. We will have to counselors, at least one on staff at all times. This will be Christian based and it will be a non-profit organization where we will not turn anyone away. This is a place for youths to spend time together and have fun. This will hopefully give them the opportunity to stay off the streets and have a safe place to come to. As well as sessions that we will conduct at different times in which we will do outings and offer our “ear” when need be.

What values underlie your desire to help others?
My desire to help others is due to the fact that I see a rising number of youths that are just walking around in life aimlessly. They have no out. They need to know someone cares and if we can make a difference in one life that is one more than none.

What would you like to accomplish in human services?
I guess that I kind of answered this one in question number one and two.

How do you go about solving personal problems?
My personal problems are assisted in my very own family counseling sessions, as well as the fact that I take every single parenting class I...
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