Week 7 Assignment Jesus and Mohammed

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Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed shared an ancestral heritage that had a significant impact in the times in which they lived. The comparison between Jesus and Mohammed begins in Mesopotamia with Abraham over 4000 years ago. Abraham was the ancestral father of three major world religions; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The monotheistic legacy of Abraham’s religion remained unchanged for nearly 2000 years until the time of Jesus when the legacy of Abraham created a new branch in Christianity. Abraham’s legacy branches again around 570 CE with the life of Mohammed and the creation of Islam, (Fisher, 2005).

There are many similarities between the historical lives of Jesus and Mohammed, and quite a few dissimilarities. Both Jesus and Mohammed were born to humble families whose faith was of the Abrahamic legacy. Jesus was born about 2011 years ago and raised in Judea where the Jews had a cultured and comprehensive religious system. Mohammed was born about 570 CE in Hijaz, the old name for the area around Mecca where the Arabic tribes of Mohammed’s youth had almost abandoned religion for tribal inter-warring and possessions. Both Jesus and Mohammed were in their mature years when they began their religious teachings. Both Jesus and Mohammed were rejected by many of the people in their cultures at the time. Other similarities between the lives of Jesus and Mohammed include; threats on their lives for their religious teachings, close followers who converted to the new religion, and the belief in one God who was the God of Abraham. In comparison the dissimilarities of Jesus and Mohammed’s historical lives are numerous. Jesus believed he was the son of God (Matthew. 26:64 New International Version) whereas Mohammed believed he was just a man, (Al-Kahf, 18, 110 The Quran). Jesus taught forgiveness of sins and salvation through faith, and Mohammed taught salvation is only through works and deeds. There are many accounts in the Bible of...

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