Week 6 NUR 405 Presentation

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Asthma Pages: 11 (837 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Community Health in
Winchester California

NUR/405- Healthy Communities:
Theory and Practice
Karen Harriman
April 20, 2015
Lee Moquin

Introduction to the Family and Community

Introduction of the Family:

Six family members
Two of the children have history of Asthma, Status Asthmaticus One family member has issues with Obesity
All family members have issues with Knowledge Deficit

Introduction to their Community of Winchester California

Racial disparities:

Health concerns:

Hispanic population and influences
Caucasian population and influence
Other races
Continued inability to meet the needs of the Community

Available Health resources to this Family:

My Philosophical and Ethical Approach

Personal Philosophy


My personal philosophy
Religious Beliefs
The Family’s Culture
The Family’s Religious Beliefs

Importance on the Family dynamic


Ethics of the Health Care provider
Ethics of the Family dynamic

Continued Education on Asthma
Helping the Family incorporate learning about
Asthma and proper nutrition, and exercise
Knowing about the consequences of Obesity

Physiology of
of Asthma

Knowledge Deficit


Reaching Health by the Healthy People
2020 standards and guidelines

Rancho Springs Medical Center

This facility offers Pediatric and Women’s
Services. Including Asthma education, and
Nutritional Services.

Menifee Valley Medical Center

Menifee Valley Medical Center offers no Women’s
or Pediatric Services.
It does offer basic Emergency services, and is
partnered with a facility)Hemet Valley Medical
Center) that does offer both Women’s and
Pediatric Care.

Loma Linda University Murrieta

Loma Linda University-Murrieta does not offer
Pediatric services, but is Partnered with Loma
Linda University Medical Center which offers all
Women’s and Pediatric Services, unfortunately its
over an hour commute away.

In evaluation of the family’s response to the educational plan I shared with them, I feel as though they, like many of us will take certain aspects of this plan and disregard others. This was meant as a template for the family to build off of. Education is a constant, and should not be altered or stopped after just one or two occurrences, but built upon. I had the impression that they were great full that I had taken the time to educate them on Asthma, even though this was an educational assignment I felt as though they were actual patients seeking education on Asthma. The assessment tool took longer to go over than I had anticipated. I had used an overhead projector off my laptop in the form of topics then posed questions based on their understanding of the material. For the most part the family worked as a solid unit, but the smaller children seemed not to know how they were to fit in the dynamic of this situation, and there was little guidance from either MH or DH during this time. I had made note of this issue on more than once. I was led to believe that they feel the Asthma issue only affects those with the disease, not those without. I pointed out several times to the family that this disease affects everyone in the family, not just those with the disease process. After careful consideration I pointed out a scenario that involved an Asthma attack when neither parent was home and RH or CH was unable to call for help (911), come get me (4 houses down), or unable to reach their HHN. This situation, I believe finally hit home. MH and DH are going to continue to learn about Asthma and current evidence-based treatment modalities. Encouragement was given to continue to research medications that could help RH and CH for longer periods of time and those for emergency situations. We discussed climate and other environmental issues(dander, pollen,...

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