Week 6 Assignment Cjs 240

Topics: Youth detention center, Crime, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: January 31, 2012
Christena Isaac
CJS 240 Week 6 Assignment

When a juvenile offender is committed of a crime there are different courses of action that the court may proceed with to help them become rehabilitated in the community. A juvenile offender can be offered a community based treatment or be institutionalized. A community based treatment can consist of probation, restitution, vocational programs, or counseling. Depending on the type of crime that is committed helps determine what is necessary for the juvenile. Probation is a commonly used community based treatment program that is ordered by the courts to a juvenile that is not considered a threat to society and did not commit a violent crime. Probation can consist of any amount of time ordered by the courts. While on probation the juvenile offender must make regular contact with a probation officer who makes sure the juvenile is continuing meeting the rules set upon him/her ordered by the court such as attending school, keeping regular hours, and holding down a job. When necessary a juvenile offender is placed on a second community type based program such as counseling. When the juvenile successfully fulfills the requirements of the terms of probation and/or counseling, they can be terminated from probation. Probation is for the most part very successful in helping juveniles with their behavior issues as well as making them a part of the community for the better. Probation works as long as the root of the issues the juvenile has is solved through counseling or other efforts. Probation helps cut down on the costs of institutionalized juveniles, and helps those who do not need to be institutionalized learn how to be a better part of society. Counseling is a second community based program that is used to help rehabilitate juveniles. Counseling can be used in conjunction with probation to help the juvenile work out the issues he/she may be having that is causing them to act out in criminal ways....
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