Week 5 Hsm 270 Program Evaluation

Topics: Need, Domestic violence, Violence Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: November 27, 2011
|Evaluation Plan | | | |plans | | | |11/13/2011 | | | | The scenario that I choose was PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. There are three types of evaluation plans that I would use to evaluate how the program was being run, what kinds of improvement would be needed to improve the program and what the outcomes may be of those changes.

The first evaluation would be Empowerment Evaluation. Empowerment evaluation is important to the process of actually evaluating a program. Empowerment evaluation helps program development and improvement. The reason I say I would use empowerment evaluation is because it usually conducted by the staff of the program and this helps cut down on cost of the program. When using the empowerment evaluation you need to determine, who wants to know the answers to what questions, and for what purpose. The purpose of empowerment evaluation is to assist program staff in conducting a self-assessment of their program services and to use the evaluation results for program improvement

There are three advantages in using the empowerment evaluation. First, because program staff will be involved in conducting the evaluation, the cost of conducting empowerment evaluation will be minimal as compared to contracting with an independent person to conduct the evaluation. Second, because program staff are involved in the decisions of what to evaluate and how the evaluation should be...
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