Week 4 Reading Comprehension Worksheet

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Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

Describe your outcome from this week’s MyFoundationsLab® assignment. My outcome was not as I had expected. It showed me that reading is more than just looking at the words. Reading with concentration is very important. If you are not concentrating on what you read then you are not comprehending the material. Sometimes it takes “painting the big picture” to fully understand some situations.

Identify the skills you’ve learned this week. How could each of these apply to your academic work? How could each of these apply to your professional work? The techniques I learned this week that I believe I will be using the most are reading with concentration and the flash card technique. I believe anytime you are trying to study or comprehend anything you need to be free from distractions and fully concentrated. The flash cards can contain information that is hard to comprehend with the meaning on the reverse side. Both of these skills will be used daily in my academic and professional life because in both aspects I will be eager to learn new things daily.

Describe the reading and comprehension strategies you will employ. How will these help make you a more effective reader? It has been since grade school since I have used flash cards but the idea brings back many memories. I remember a lot of information I use daily I learn from flash cards. I believe it will help me remember my course material a lot easier just as they helped me in grade school. They are also very portable so this will allow me to study regardless of where I may be.

What is “primary source material”? Explain why knowing how to identify and use primary source materials is important for academic reading and writing. Primary source material is references inside documents and other reading materials that contain information for further...
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