Week 4 MGMT340 Assignment

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Solutions to Week 4 Problems and Exercises
Business Systems Analysis MGMT340

Chapter 7 Problems and Exercises Solutions
Solution to Question 5
a. The figure shows a ‘many to many’ relationship. Therefore, any EMPLOYEE can work on a PROJECT and there can be several PROJECTS with several EMPLOYEES working on them. b. The degree shown in the used_on relationship is “one to many” with a minimum cardinality of zero. (The zero through the line near the ‘task’ entity means a minimum cardinality of zero, whereas the crow’s-foot notation means a “many” maximum cardinality, (George, Hoffer & Valacich, 2012). This means that one ‘tool’ can be used on many projects and many projects can make use of one tool. c. TASK is in a binary many to many relationship (associative relationship) between TOOL and CITY. d. Skill could also be modeled as an attribute of the EMPLOYEE entity. e. For EMPLOYEE entity, some added attributes could be Address, Date of Birth and Skill. For PROJECT entity, some added attributes could be Scope and Purpose. f. TOOL could be modeled as an associative entity along with EMPLOYEES and PROJECTS. An associative entity type is one that associates the instances of one or more entity types and contains attributes that are peculiar to the relationship between those entity instances. For example, EMPLOYEES can use TOOL and PROJECT will also need TOOL. TOOL can used by EMPLOYEES for PROJECTS. Solution to Question 16

Table 1.0
Buy off the shelf Point of Sale (POS) systems software
Buy off the shelf partially customized POS system software
Build a fully customized POS system software in house
Table 1.1

Alternative A
Alternative B
Alternative C
(Scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is easy/flexible/fast and 1 is difficult/inflexible/Slow)

Easy to Use

Table 1.2

Alternative A
Alternative B
Alternative C

Short and Easy Training
2 week
1 week
2 weeks
Ease of Installation
(on a scale of 1 to ten, (where 1 is easy, 10 being difficult) 1
Cost of hardware and software
Total time till Operational
1 month
2 months
3 months
The Requirements and constraints are realistic because they represent criteria that are relating to the needs of the business and the proposed alternative solutions. For any one alternative to be selected, it would have to show that it meets the requirements and effectively handles constraints. Solution to Question 17

Alternative B (the highest weighting) which is off the shelf software with partially customized features would be the best alternative. IT staff along with support from the vendor can work together to fully customize the system software so that it satisfies the business needs and it is easy for staff to learn and operate. This weighting method is useful even for a small exercise because it allows the analyst the opportunity to identify what qualifies and disqualifies each alternative solution to be the final choice, based on the organization’s needs, requirements and constraints.

George, F. J., Hoffer, A. J. & Valacich, S. J. (2012). Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design. 5th Ed. Upper Saddle River: NJ: Pearson Education Inc.

References: George, F. J., Hoffer, A. J. & Valacich, S. J. (2012). Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design. 5th Ed. Upper Saddle River: NJ: Pearson Education Inc.
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