Week 4 Compare/Contrast “2001: A Space Odyssey & “The Sentinel”

Topics: Arthur C. Clarke, HAL 9000, Space Odyssey series Pages: 3 (1346 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Week 4 Compare/Contrast “2001: A Space Odyssey & “The Sentinel” Science Fiction

In the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, it deals with a series of encounters between humans and a mysterious black monoliths that is apparently effecting human evolution. In the short story “The Sentinel”, the story basically reverses the roll of the black monoliths. The narrator in the short story speculates that the mysterious aliens who left the monolith behind may have used mechanisms belonging “to a technology that lies beyond our horizons, perhaps to the technology of para-physical forces.” Let’s start with that difference. It seems in the movie the story of the monolith is the energy of the sun, and it is the basic for evolution. In the movie it starts with “the beginning of mankind” with apes, and other creatures on a planet. The mysterious black monolith appears, and the apes began to huddle around it and touch it. After this happens, it seems the apes became smarter, and figured out how to hunt, and to use weapons as one of the apes kills the leader of the water hole so it’s key for survival. When the ape throws the bone in the air, the movie then goes to an orbiting space satellite years in the future, which is what the falling bone in the air resembles. The second act of the movie surrounds a Dr. going to the space station and discussing the “Odd” things that have happened surrounding the black monolith. The space station has a meeting and it is highly regarded as a secret artifact, and no-one will give any definitive information about “the artifact deliberately buried four million years ago”. There are multiple parts in the movie that were just a totally shrug of the shoulders and I had no clue what it had to do with the plot. The employees of the space station ride a moon bus to the artifact; which is the black monolith that looks identical to the one discovered by the apes. They examine the monolith; take a picture in front of it, and all of a sudden there is this...

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