Week 4 Assignment 3

Topics: Business continuity planning, Wide area network, Domain Name System Pages: 3 (316 words) Published: April 27, 2015

BCP Outline and Table of Contents as per BIA

IS427: Information Systems Security Capstone Project

Daniel Jesse McConnell


Now is the point of the RFP that we start to think outward in terms of continuity after an event occurring. This step is known as Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which is outlined directly from the preconceived Business Impact Analysis (BIA). Critical Applications and Function

Required IT Resources
Domain Name Server (DNS) Primary/Secondary
DNS Servers, Wide Area Network (WAN), and Local Area Network (LAN) Email - Outlook 365 (2012)
Microsoft Office/extension
Payroll Management- ADP
ADP/Web Managed
Client Facing Service Application
Application/Database/LAN Servers
Tax Office Application
Application/Database/LAN Servers
Emergency Management Application- Quick books
Intuit Managed
Emergency notification service- Outlook 365, Soft and Physical Phones. Microsoft/ATT Managed
Judicial records database
Application servers, database servers, and LAN
Public records database
Web servers, WAN, LAN, and application servers
Emergency services intercommunication
Web servers, WAN, LAN, and application servers
Department of motor vehicles applications
Application servers, database servers, and LAN
Electronic payment system
Web servers, WAN, LAN, and application servers
Public safety management system
Application servers, database servers, and LAN
Remote access authentication
Authentication servers, WAN, and LAN

We must build upon the knowledge we obtained from the table above to create the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) outline. Item
Outlook 365
Main Email Client
Web Service maintained by Microsoft.
Pay Roll Client
Web Service maintained by ADP.
DB Software/Tax Information if needed/ Emergency go to in order to maintain records. Cloud Storage up to 32 Gbs provided by Intuit.
ATT- IP- Phones

Cited: (2012). Request for Proposals for Information Security Assessment Services (isas). Sudburry, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
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