week 3 Steps to writing a grant proposal

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Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal
Jess Keck
May 24, 2015
Mrs. Bishop

Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal
Grant proposals are important for any organization and one is going to have to be written in order for the Peace Domestic Violence Agency to receive the funding needed so they are able to continue running and be successful. There are a numerous amount of reasons this program is needed in Portland, Oregon and many people are in need of their help. The steps needed when writing a grant proposal are as followed: 1. Abstract: 45 lines

Table of Contents: 2 page
Specific aims/background and significance/needs and problem statement: 3 page Target Populations: 2 pages
Approaches and Methods: 3 pages
Long and short term goals: 3 pages
Process, outcome and impact objectives: no max page limit
Activity plans and scheduling-Timeline: 6 page maximum
Evaluation plan: 3 pages maximum
Agency capacity and project management: 3 pages maximum
Budget and budget justification: 3 pages maximum (Yuen, Terao, 2003) Summary or Abstract:
The summary or abstract is the make it or break it part of the proposal. This is where the biggest first impression is made on the readers and potential funders. The abstract will consist of: Name of the agency

Organization type
Purpose and objectives
Specific interventions
Target populations-demographic, age, race, gender, SES, special needs, etc. Location of the project and setting of services
Relevance of the proposed project to funding intentions (Yuen, Terao, 2003) Table of contents
The table of contents is a step that is ongoing through the process as the steps are completed. It is a list of the different sections of the proposal named in order of the way the proposal is written and acts as a guide to the reader. After the proposal is completed the table of contents should be compared to your proposal to make sure the order is accurate (Yuen, Terao, 2003). Specific Aims

The specific aim section, the...

References: The very last step to the proposal is the appendix and references. This allows future grantors of your proposal to locate where the information came from and help show that the proposal is true and valid (Yuen, Terao, 2003).
Needs and problems statement
The number of reports of youth and domestic violence in communities and surrounding areas of Portland Oregon are incredibly high and continue to increase in number. There is a lack of education providing information about warning signs of violence. The members of the community are placed in danger due to situations involving the conditions and family issues the youth are growing up in. It is becoming increasingly harmful and dangerous.
PEACE is targeting, the one’s directly affected by the violence as well as extended family units and friends. Those that experience and witness types of violence range from early childhood into adulthood. Youth violence has the potential to transform into domestic violence into adulthood such as spousal abuse. The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency strives to provide education about violence and its affects to the community. The wellbeing and reduction of violence of children, women and men is the upmost priority as PEACE increases awareness, provides services and education. PEACE has goals to improve the quality of life of all people within the surrounding community, and provide services modified to each individual situations needs, for example, rehabilitation programs, housing management and help to gain the confidence of being a valued member of this community. It is in good faith that there is hope that the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is able to obtain the needed resources of funding to successfully serve the needs of this community that are in need of much help to ensure them a better quality of life.
Appendix B
Yuen, F. & Terao, K. (2003). Practical grant writing & program evaluation. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole—Thomson Learning
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