Week 3 Problems and Exercises

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Business system anaylsis
Problems and Exercises
Week 3 Homework

Tom Sanders
DeVry University
Professor Girten
September 19, 2014

Problems and Exercises
Chapter 5
Question 1 - One of the potential problems mentioned in this chapter with gathering information requirements by observing potential system users is that people may change their behavior when observed. What could you do to overcome this potentially confounding factor in accurately determining information requirements? The analyst could conduct the observations unobtrusively, so that the effect on the users’ behavior is minimized. This could be done using a confederate or by a hidden camera. The analyst could also brief the users on the observation so that the users will relax and behave naturally Question 3 - Suppose you were asked to lead a JAD session, list ten guidelines you would follow in playing the proper role of a JAD session leader. Suggestions for the JAD leader may include: the JAD sessions should be off–site, the proper people should be invited to the JAD sessions, establish clear ground rules for the sessions, set and follow a clear agenda, distribute the agenda to all participants before the sessions, remain neutral on issues, make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate, encourage people to be creative and break free of traditional ways of doing things, manage time effectively, and follow up with meeting notes.

Chapter 6
Question 8 - Consider the DFD in Figure 6-20. (Page 180 of text). List three errors (rule violations) on this DFD. Three major errors are:
1. Process 1.0 (P2) has only inputs, making it a “black hole”. 2. Data flow DF5 should not move directly from source E1 to data store DS1 without first going through a process. 3. Data flow DF1 should not move directly from source E1 to sink E2 without first going through a process.

Question 9 - Consider the three DFDs in Figure 6-21 (Page 180 of text). List three errors (rule violations) on...
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