Week 3 Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities
• General term that describes specific kinds of
learning problems.
• Trouble learning and using certain skills:

and physical coordination

Learning Disabilities Facts
• Learning disabilities (LD) vary from person to
• Caused by differences in how a person's brain
works and how it processes information
• 1 out of every 5 people in the United States has
a learning disability.
• Almost 3 million children (ages 6 through 21)
have some form of a learning disability and
receive special education in school.
▫ over half of all children who receive special
education have a learning disability
▫ Resource: Twenty-second Annual Report to Congress, U.S.
Department of Education, 2000



LD Facts continued
• Individuals with LD are usually of average
or above average intelligence
• 35% of students with learning disabilities
do not finish high school
• Adolescents with LD are at an increased
risk for drug & alcohol problems
▫ Hazeldon (1992) found up to 60% of adolescents
in treatment had learning disabilities

3 Main Types of Learning
• Learning Disorders (formerly
Academic skills disorders)
• Motor Skills Disorders
• Communication Disorders

Learning Disorders
Reading Disorders
• Reading disorders

▫ Criteria includes reading accuracy/comprehension is
substantially lower than what is expected given age, IQ & age appropriate education
▫ Significantly interferes with academic performance or ADL’s ▫ Common dx. = dyslexia

• Reading tasks that an individual may have difficulty with include
▫ Focus attention on the printed marks and control eye
movements across the page
▫ Recognize the sounds associated with letters
▫ Understanding words and grammar
- Build ideas and images
- Compare new ideas to what you already know
- Store ideas in memory

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