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Stages of the Research Process
Eric Watkins
October 08, 2014
Robert Caldwell

Stages of the Research Process

Research engages a systematic procedure that focuses on being goal oriented and collecting a ton of data for investigation so the investigator can arrive at a conclusion. This procedure is employed in all research and assessment projects, aside from the research approach (scientific method of inquiry, assessment research, or action study).

Using this system, the research is documented in such a style that another person can run exactly the same study again. This really is described as reproducing the study. Any research completed without recording the study in order that others can evaluate the procedure and outcomes isn't a study utilizing the scientific investigation method. The scientific investigation procedure is a several-stage procedure where the measures are inter-linked with the other measures along the way. If modifications are produced in one-step of the procedure, the investigator must review all of those other measures to ensure the changes are represented through the procedure.

As illustrated in the text, Cooper & Schindler (2014). “The research process begins much as the vignette suggests. A management dilemma triggers the need for a decision or in other situations, a controversy arises, a major commitment of resources is called for, or conditions in the environment signal the need for a decision. Such events cause managers to reconsider their purpose or objectives, define a problem for solution, or develop strategies for solutions they have identified (Ch. 4 pg. 77)”. The causes for research are many but the process or stages the research should take is systematic and strategized as discussed in the text. Purpose of Business Research

Reading the article by Field (1964) titled “Marketing and Business Research”, the purpose of his research is to find a reason for the book he has reviewed titled “Marketing and Business Research”, written by Myron S. Heidingsfield and Frank H. Eby Jr.

The other article written by Tootelian (1976) titled “Business Research Methods” is also a book review with the title “Business Research Methods” written by Prof. C. William Emory with the same purpose of finding intention of the author of the book reviewed. Research Questions and Hypotheses

In both articles and their reviews, some of the “Research Questions” developed: who are the intended audience, what are the contents in these books, where will it take the readers, why will the readers be interested and how will they benefit from these books after reading. Some of the Hypotheses from Field (1964) are: “The book should have interest and application for a wide range of people in the marketing and business research field. The student will find it a good outline of the whole field, showing relationship of various integral parts of the research process”. From Tootelian (1976) we can see his “Hypotheses” being: “Overall, this text is well suited for adoption at either the undergraduate or masters level for a basic course in business research. It presents in a clear and concise manner the essentials of conducting research and understanding the nature of business research methodology. It is a welcomed addition to a neglected area of business concern”. Dependent and Independent Variables

In the articles, the “Dependent and Independent Variables” used by these two book reviewers can be judged by their comments: Tootelian (1976) wrote, “The material is well organized and flows in a logical manner. Upon reading this text one finds that the presentation is made with a minimum of verbage. The major weakness of this text lies in the treatment of data analysis. This material could be explained more simplistically. In using this text, therefore, the instructors may find it necessary to bolster the treatment of statistical testing”. From to learn some of the “nut and...

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