Week 3 Individual Assignment

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Organizational Management and Operations
CJay Williams
February 23, 2015
Jaime Castro

Organizational Management and Operations
It is important to understand how each level of policing operates the same in certain aspects and how different they are in others. All levels share the same moral and professional obligations when it comes to serving their communities. However, each has its own way of operating in a manner that allows them to utilize what they have learned out in the field and how to apply it to the situations they may find themselves in. In this paper, we will go over the similarities and differences as to clarify this knowledge. The research will delve into every bit of information that is obtained and used towards allowing us to better understand. It is important to understand just how many law enforcement agencies exist within our country. “There are more than 17,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States, ranging in size from one officer to more than 30,000” (Types of Law Enforcement Agencies, 2008). Starting from the bottom, we begin with the local aspect. Local police are designated to focus more on their city and communities within it. These policing agencies are created by those cities within the government as a means of creating a more peaceful and balanced way of life in their area. Local police include everyone from municipal to regional officers that are bestowed with the duty of upholding the law within their hometowns and to uphold the moral and professional code that has been instilled in them upon being employed by the city. Leadership within the policing field is not really something that is focused too much upon until recruits have served a substantial amount of time to add to their resumes as law enforcement. Coming into the field, one is simply taught to focus more on keeping the peace and learning how to keep composure when it comes to dealing with all...

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