Week 3 Case Study 1

Topics: Subprime mortgage crisis, Sexual harassment, Mortgage Pages: 5 (953 words) Published: April 26, 2015
James Olinger
Ms. Gold
Organizational Behavior – MGMT 362

“Week 3 - Case Study #1”
The year 2004, for my wife and I would be a year to remember as we had just become a homeowner in the lovely State of California. As a single income family, we were only able to fit into in a negative-amortization loan known as, “The Interest-Only Home Loan.” However, several years later in 2008, we would find ourselves along with the rest of the Nation in what was called, “The subprime mortgage meltdown,” whereas, “Sex, Lies, and Subprime Mortgages” have gone wild/wrong. (Bloomberg) In this case study, Ms. Coleen Colombo, is a thriving senior underwriter (2003-205) at BNC Mortgage Inc.; a subprime subsidiary for Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc... As the story would go; an outstanding employee who exceeded expectations, reflective in her personal reviews, forced to resign because of a company’s inabilities to acknowledge, fraudulent lending practices/fraudulent information, sexual harassment, and workplace hostilities/aggression, all which was shared by Coleen Colombo to the vice president, only to be ignored. Fact Finding One - BNC Mortgage Inc. as a whole lacks proper decision-making and ethics, which is evident by the alleged case of Coleen Colombo. A male employee (wholesaler), attempts to have Coleen approve loans which reflected “inaccurate salaries, occupations, and home values” and with a bribe from the same employee. (Hellriegel, 250) Recommendation One – “Ethics competency involves the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by individuals, teams, and organizations to incorporate values and principles that distinguish right from wrong when making decisions and choosing behaviors.” (Hellriegel, 34) “Right” and “Wrong” (ethical) to include, moral values in an organization are and often difficult to enforce unless there are policies in places. It begins from day one, policies, procedures, trainings, and external inspections to ensure adherence this becomes the core concept. Fact Finding Two - Coleen Colombo has been sexually harassed by a male colleague who made her feel “uncomfortable and fearful” by “intentionally rubbing his body against hers.” (Hellriegel, 250) “Both victim and the harasser can be either a woman or a man, and the victim and harasser can be the same sex.” (Sexual Harassment) In the case study, we see a form of sexual harassment as unwelcomed sexual advances physical in nature. Furthermore, this appears to happen from the male colleague because of Colombo’s report to management of unethical workplace behaviors known as bribes aka spiffs. This also contributes to workplace stress and aggression mentioned in chapter 8 whereas this becomes “the first level of behavior on the continuum is harassment.” (Hellriegel, 243) Recommendation Two – Create policies in accordance with rules and regulations. The most effective weapon against sexual harassment is prevention. Civilian workforces should mirror The Department of Defense (DoD) as it continues to be challenged with this as a whole. “The Department is committed to being a national leader in preventing and responding to sexual assault. DoD and each of the military Services have issued policy to assure compliance with our mission and the rule of military law. Additionally, the DoD SAPR Strategic Plan states that establishing Department policy is "essential to refining a professional culture and command climate / environment." It is key "to operationalizing, synchronizing, and ensuring consistent SAPR Program execution across the Department." (DoD & Services) Management should also provide avenues for preventing but more seriously though, the abilities in “stopping sexual harassment” which was not the case here. (Hellriegel, 243) Fact Finding Three – Hostile workplace environment, i.e. aggression and Coleen Colombo hears that co-workers want her job to be terminated. As mentioned in Chapter 8, The Harm Model, talks of “overlaps” towards behaviors in the workplace,...

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