Week 3 assignment

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Johnny Cupcake

1. How did the Johnny Cupcakes brand originate?

Johnny worked at a record store when he was around 18. When he worked at the record store he was given a number of different nicknames one being Johnny cupcake. Johnny was also in a rock band and was making t-shirts for the band. At this time he started making t-shirts that had cupcakes on them. He sold the shirts from his car at first. His brand was becoming more and more popular he was able to open a store front. Now his company has many store fronts from Boston to LA with a diverse product line. His stores have a fake bakery theme that helps draw in people’s interest. You can also say it’s a family run business his mom is the CFO. She allows him to think freely this allows him to keep coming up with new ideas.

2. according to the information in the video, what does Earle say is an essential part of being an entrepreneur?

The most essential part of being an entrepreneur is taking risks. This is what make you an entrepreneur make something on your own. Starting you own company and making jobs for others. Another important thing that was said was “everything has been done before”. This makes it a little harder for you to come up with a competitive idea. Your goal is to figure out how to draw people’s attention to your product. Then make them want to buy your product. For an example Johnny spent almost 300k to set up his LA store. He went above and beyond to make is store stand out in a city were that very hard. Johnny understood that his store would have to make a statement for it to make it in such a competitive make place like LA. The cupcake t-shirt store was very detailed like an exhibit. They are stores that people want to just go and experience and buy something to remember that experience.
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