Week 3 Analysis of Business Specialties

Topics: Management consulting, Management, Strategic management Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: August 16, 2011
In week two based on the skills of team b, the three choices of consulting firms were a management consulting firm, security systems firm and a career consulting firm. Each of these firms was generated because of the skills that each team member could bring to the consulting firms. Out of the three choices one selection had to be made for the team. The way that this decision was made was through weighing the pros and cons of each consulting firm. The management consulting firm was option one. This is was a good idea because in team b some of the team members have had some sort of management experience. With that being said other team members are currently in a management degree program and these team members can offer some new management styles to the firm. The only disadvantage would be the different management styles because each is different in some way. The second option was a Security Systems consulting firm. This was an option due the the experience of some of the team members with criminal justice and also the experience of the the team with some sort of computer programs that would benefit the firm. The disadvantage of this type of firm is that most of the team does not have personal experience with security systems. This could be damaging when trying to start a firm without some knowledge of the product. The type of firm would take some extra time to start because we would have to do some research on security systems. The last option was a career consulting firm. This was an option because the different backgrounds team b has. It would have been beneficial to others who are seeking employment and the fact that team b has different backgrounds could help others to seek the right employment. The con of this option is that although team b has such a diverse background the team may not be able to assist in all aspects of different types of employment.
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