Week 3 Activity Essay Assignment

Topics: Higher education, Academic degree, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 5 (990 words) Published: February 18, 2015

SOCS 325 – Environmental Sociology
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Week 3 Written Action Assignment

Interlocking Treadmills of Production and Consumption to Schoolwork and the Pressure to Get a Degree and an Advanced Degree

September 18, 2014

School work and the pressure of getting a degree and an advanced degree

For this assignment about applying theories I have chosen the theory of the interlocking treadmills of production and consumption to school work and the pressure to get a degree. In today’s economy I know personally that education is key attribute to a person’s success. Having the training, tools and education will be beneficial to someone’s success. One’s personal goal that portrays a successful individual in an organization needs to follow certain guidelines. I often imply that a person needs to have an ethically sound foundation which is treating each other fairly and honestly. It is often that the treadmill of success and opportunities comes from the basic foundations of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Maslow argues that some needs have to be satisfied before we will direct our efforts toward others and that these are therefore the most basic rules. Bell, M. (2009)

Case Summary
In this instance the treadmill of consumption refers to the consumption of earning an additional degree or which it is called the material goods. Bell, M (2009) In this case would be a diploma, educational training then a degree or an advanced degree. Individuals think they will become happier just by acquiring more degrees or a better paying career opportunity. Today’s expenditures are past everyone’s means of living and no one is ever satisfied with what they have. Under the treadmill of consumption people become very complacent in their jobs or careers and they become stagnant at what they are trying to achieve. They become competitive as well as greedy and have the need to over consume in order to feel happier. Studies have shown that self-preservation is beneficial to longevity to opportunities. It is not always the fact that getting a degree will make a person change or at least seek employment elsewhere. It is the self-esteem issue from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that a person indirectly needs. People want respect from others, self-confidence to deal with others and feel like they achieved a goal. As people accrue more and more material goods (degrees) they usually become happier and content but also would rather raise the bar for a better life through their consumption. It is often happiness is not achieved just because the treadmill has put you in that circumstance. One day they will realize that all their means have been satisfied and happiness has still not been attained. Moreover consumption has increased domestically due to the growing industries and population. The treadmill of consumption has lead companies to respond to a higher standard and consumer demand. This is because more consumer goods are being produced and companies are recognizing that better pay comes along with better education. This has helped companies become more profitable by keeping the materials plentiful for the needful consumers. Subsequently the environment has suffered in many ways because more and more resources are being obtained from the earth in order to keep up with the consumer output. This is especially true in the energy industry because more energy requires more natural resources which are not infinite. This theory of the treadmill scenario is that we strive for the higher education or degree because of the higher standards and demands of our economy. Personally I have noticed companies today seek individuals who have obtained a higher education in order to be considered for employment. Recently in the past people may have not felt the pressure for the need to obtain a higher education because it was easier finding employment unlike in today’s influential job market. Again it...

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