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Week Two
Due Day Four, Friday

Please provide a 150 - 200 word response to the following question.

 How do we see observational learning used in the workplace?

Observational learning is used in the workplace all the time. Many employers use observational learning with their employees. They first of all set the example of how they wish for the workplace to be run. Then they use training such as shadowing or placing a new hire in a position to observe the work ethics of fellow co-workers that have good work ethics and experiences. When I first started out working with the ministry I had to follow my pastor during home visits so as to get an idea of how to do things. How to interact with the people I would be ministering to. This was a form of learning through observation.

How do we see observational learning being used in our everyday life?  When we look at observational learning in our home and everyday life. We can see observational learning in play. The old saying is we learn what we live come to mind. We as small children observe our parents and environment around us. The behavior we observe we learn. That is why it is so important for parents or authority figures to take in consideration that they are a role model that someone is learning from our behavior and act accordingly. We have to lead by example

Is observational learning effective? Why or why not?
In my opinion observation is very effective. An example of the effectiveness of observational learning. Take for instance a child in their early stages of development. A child will learn to talk and walk and even toilet train by seeing and hearing others. When a child reaches toddler stage they begin to mimic people. This is a good example of observational learning.
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