Week 2 Cmgt 554

Topics: OSI model, OSI protocols, Data Link Layer Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a prominent hospital that is known for specializing in radiology, physical therapy, pharmacy, and surgery. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital was founded in 1975. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has been providing quality care to all its patients both children and adults alike. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital patients are accustomed to the quality service that the hospital provides with a focus on the different programs and services to help maintain a high degree of care for its patients. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has an abundance of technology and can be segmented into many different areas providing an in-depth review of the advancements and shortfalls of organization. The networking department has the challenge of dissecting and breaking down the current infrastructure to ensure a comprehensive analysis is done to provide a solution that will last for the three to five years. Identifying the right solutions and architecture is key to ensuring the growth of the network infrastructure to support the demands of the current health care industry. The methods of how Information transmits within the hospital and externally are: Based on the Network Diagrams the Network has two segments; Administrative and Clinical. The backbone network structure for the entire hospital is 1000 Base T. The nodes of the administrative function network utilize CAT 6 cabling. The nodes of the administrative functions network are connected to an Ethernet backbone. A single mode fiber cable, transmitting 1000 Base F, physically connects nodes attached to the clinical segment. All nodes attached to the clinical function segment is physically connected by single mode fiber cable and transmitting 1000 Base F. Both segments connect via a network bridge. A DHCP server provides all workstations on the administrative function segment with IP addresses. A good security practice for the network black/white and color laser printers are to utilize a...

References: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization, (Apollo group, 2011)
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