Week 2 Business Information Systems

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Week 2 Checkpoint – Business Information Systems
October 14, 2011.

Based on the website www.mifos.org, the Mifos Initiative is a diverse community of microfinance institutions, technology professionals, business people, volunteers and contributors. (2011 Grameen Foundation) This allows developing countries the finance opportunities that the rest of the world has. There is excellent information contained in the website. There is a Mifos Business Intelligence Server that allows countries access to * Clients, groups and centers

* Loan products & loan accounts
* Savings products & savings accounts
* You can search & browse for client accounts
* Surveys and progress out of poverty tracking office
* System users, permissions & datascope
* Setup, configuration & localization
* Financial transactions & accounting support
* Bulk & batch processes
* Audit trails
* Login & security
* Reports
This website allows for the community to become involved and how they can be involved. There is a ton of support which provides information to help people better understand the program and how it works. The support tab provides so much information, that you could figure out just about anything with the program. For example, here is a list of system setups that other people that use the Mifos programs have shared. What is Your System Setup?

Share with the community your system requirements so others can know how they should set up their system. MFI | Location | Clients Served | Branches | Server (DB) | Server (App) | OS | Server Connection | Client System Connection | What is this? | Nashville, TN | 250 | I don't know | Apache (CentOS) | Apache (CentOS) | | Who knows? | | Something | Chicago, IL | 500 | 4 | MySQL (Debian) | Nginx (Debian) | | Mongrel | | Test MFI | Seattle | 0 | 0 | Windows | Linux | | 256KBPS | | Jitegemea Credit Scheme | Nairobi, Kenya...

References: www.mifos.org 2011 Grameen Foundation
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