Week 2 Assignment

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Week 2 Assignment
Yasir Shakoor
Intermediate Algebra MAT222
Professor Perez

For our Week 2 assignment, in Intermediate Algebra, we were asked to solve the problem number 68 on page 539 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. aside from completing the problem, we were also asked to write a two to three page paper while including the five given vocabulary words for the week. Please see the problem below: Shipping restrictions. The accompanying graph shows all of the possibilities for the number of refrigerators and the number of TVs that will fit into an 18-wheeler. a)

Write an inequality to describe this region.
Will the truck hold 71 refrigerators and 118 TVs?
Will the truck hold 51 refrigerators and 176 TVs?
Kindly consider the five given vocabulary words:

Solid line
Dashed line
Linear inequality
Test point
In order to solve the problem, we need to be aware that the formula to solve any linear equation is y=mx+b. with the said, we can say that we have our y- intercept which is 330. (The ordered pair 0,330 demonstrates that the y coordinate is 330). Since we have our y- intercept, we will now discover what our slope is. The formula to determine any slope of a line is m=y1- y2

M= 330-0
After performing division and simplifying, we have found that the slope of our line is -3. a) Write an inequality to describe this region.
The inequality to describe the given region is y = -3x+330 after initiating the point-slope form. (y – y1 = m (x-x1)

y = -3x+330
We add 300 to both sides and add 3x to both sides. The above image illustrates that the region below the solid line is shaded. The solid line also indicates that the line is indeed a solution. If it was a dashed line, it would not be a solution. With that information, it is safe to change our equal sign to a less than or equal to;
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