Week 2 Assignment 1

Topics: High school, Graduation, Developmental psychology Pages: 6 (1159 words) Published: April 21, 2015

Influential Impacts in my Life
PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment
Jaime Kulaga
June 9, 2014

Influential Impacts in my Life
Graduating from high school- I chose graduating from high school, because graduation signifies that I had accomplished something and moving on to the next step. As a child I attended other people graduations, but I did not really get the meaning to why it was so important. Some people do not graduate due to health problems, family situations, and sometimes it is just that the person do not want to do what it takes to walk across that stage. People that do not graduate, I feel like it is somewhat of a nature verses nurture thing. A child that has been raised up into a household that is not big on education, will most likely slack off doing homework and making bad grades. A child that has a family that promotes education will most likely succeed and graduate. This is not always the case for every child, because some parents may have dropped out of high school, but nurture has taken place in which the child feels like they have to graduate in order to be successful. However, parents that have graduated from high school, their child may make wrong decisions and become a dropout. In my case, my mother graduated from high school, but my father dropped out due to family situations and moving from place to place. Later in life my father earned his GED, and I was a proud daughter, because I had helped him study for the exam. I would always hear him say, “I want to get my GED,” so I registered him for the test. My parents were big on science, so science had become one of my favorite subjects. Although, my father did not get a high school diploma, he was able to help me with science projects and study for my test. My parents made sure I had the proper study tools and help in order for me to get through school. Helping children- I chose helping children as one of my positive impacts on life, because as I child I had so many questions for adults in order for me to understand life. I know I worried a lot of people, because mostly all of my questions started with the word “why.” They answered my questions, but I did not really get the answers they gave me until I started getting older. Now I feel like it is the adult responsibility to help children to understand life. Helping children can be challenging at times, because you never know what questions you will get asked or the situations you may be faced with. But if I do not have the answer I will tell them I will get back with them so I can do a little research. I believe that children that receive a lot of attention from adults are more successful in life. Some of the children I help misbehave at times, so I tend to use the Skinner’s box effect by rewarding them if they are on their best behavior. In order for a child to accomplish something, they have to be exposed to a situations repeatedly. In elementary school I did not understand why my teacher always went over an assignment over and over again, until later in life when I understood that repetition is connected to memory. When I help a child I make sure they get the assignment by making them do it at least three times. Some people do not have the patience to help kids, because they do not want to put the time in so that the child can grasp the whole concept. Helping a child be successful brings me joy, because I know that I had encouraged them along the way. According to Urie Bronfenbrenner, the theory of ecological systems focused on broad, interconnected influences on human development. Microsystem refers to daily environment such as family, school, and daycare resources which have a long-term effect on development. Graduating from high school had a long-term effect on my life, because later I made wiser decisions. My family helped me along the way by providing me with help to become successful. Helping children on the other hand is most likely to be in the exosystem category....
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