Week 1 Ecm Assignment

Topics: Patient, Thought, La Job Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Danielle Kelly
October 5, 2014
Week 1 ECM Assignment

There are four main human skills that an Administrative Medical Assistant should possess and they are the ability to understand, lead, alter and control. Out of the four I think that lead is the most effect when it comes to running an office environment and having the concern for others. One day you come to work a little early and one of the other employees are late whom you really need so the office begins to get a little backed up. Any time there’s a pile up patients begin to get angry due to the fact that they were on time. So one angry patient who was ten minutes early becomes angry because her appointment has come and gone and she still haven’t been seen.

She becomes so angry she wants to reschedule which really isn’t a good idea because this appointment is important. I take it upon myself to call the patient to the back and explain to her how important her appointment is and how we appreciate her for choosing our office and how we would hate to lose her as a patient due to a misunderstanding on our behalf. The patient decides to stay and we go ahead and do her appointment and give the best care possible. It takes a leader to stand up to angry patients that have their mind made up to leave. As a leader you must obtain all the human skills at once a leader should be able to understand, alter, and control.

The leader must understand how to communicate and control their surroundings by motivating others to excel in everything they do especially reaching goals. The leader is the key motivator of any successful business. Planning activities within the office is important for the MAA because it allows you to set goals that need to be set for the office and show ways you can achieve them. Achieving goals can be simple once you see how you are lacking in the work you do with a patient. By getting feedback from the patient lets you what goals to set and what to do to achieve them.

Empowerment can make...
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