Week 1

Topics: Management, Patient, Physician Pages: 1 (487 words) Published: October 23, 2014

The qualities a Medical Administrative Assistant should possess, there are many of these here are just a few of these qualities the M.A shall possess. Which include people skills, communication skills, analytical skills, planning activities, and computer skills. A realistic example of one of these qualities would be; if a patient comes into the office very irate and upset about the amount they were charged on their bill. Having good people skills will help you out with calming the patient down and help out with explaining to them about what they were charged for exactly. Staying calm and collected while speaking to the patient will help ensure that the patient will more and likely calm down. Staying positive, polite and courteous to the patient will help them understand that you are trying everything you can to help them out. After you explain to the patient everything that was charged and why. They will feel a bit relieved because you were so patient and courteous with them they will thank you for all the help you were. Having good people skills helps the patient feel safe and lets them know that they will be treated with respect while coming into the office which ensures the office they will be coming back again for treatment. Planning activities within the medical office is important to the Medical Assistant. Planning activities is important to the medical assistant because they have so much going on at one time during the course of the day within the medical office. The medical assistant is responsible for answering phones, greeting patients, scheduling patients appointments, organizing patient records, dealing with insurance, etc. the medical assistant has their hands full from the minute they walk into the medical office to start their day of work. So if the medical assistant has a great way of planning things out from what needs to be done right away to things that should be done, that could be done, and other things like errands or phone calls that need...
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