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Criminal Justice trends Paper
Carlos Quevedo
October 16, 2014
Professor Michael Morlan

Criminal justice trends paper
The past trends in sentencing violators in correction facilities were formulated from a "tough-on-crime movement. This contributed to the present trend of overcrowding prisons. The future holds corrective measures such a restorative justice and community justice. Both programs are community based methods of resolving a victim's damage and seeking justice for them. The budgetary and managerial impact in corrections and the rest of the criminal justice field is one of many budget cuts until a new strategy is formed to combat overcrowding prisons and less money is spent on inmates. Corrections past trend

During the late 1980s and the early 1990s, state and local governments cracked the whip on citizens by introducing the "tough-on-crime" legislation. In California, the "three strikes" law was placed for repeat offenders, and in New York the "broken windows" method which calls for arrest and prosecution of any crimes committed no matter how big or small. (publiceye.org). Treatment programs were believed not to work in regards to reducing recidivism rates. "Tough on crime" was a method believed to keep the streets and public safe because it meant longer sentences for violators. It was assumed that the national crime rate will plummet and violators will be punished and others will use as deterrence. However the result that the "tough-on-crime" legislation mainly focused on offenders such as drug violators and repeat crime offenders. In the mid-1990's Congress lead an initiate in which states adopted the infamous "3 strikes, you're out" laws. (publiceye.org).

Under these circumstances defendants that have two prior criminal convictions may be sentenced to life time sentence in prison, regardless how minor was the conviction or third "strike" the third. In the state of Georgia, their citizens did not have 3 chances. They had the "2 strikes" law. These laws were invoked by prosecutors who have great influence in selecting defendants out for punishments. As soon as the "2" or "3" strike laws were invoked, a judge cannot do anything for harsh penalty that legislature assigned prosecutors to put in action. Because of the reforms, only made matters worse. An increase in arrest, and conviction rates suddenly increased. In 1972 the state and federal inmate population both totaled to about 200,000. Around 1997 the population total changed by the increase of almost 500%. In local jails the population grew significally from 130,000 to 567,000 inmates. Now America had a large issue and is now responsible for housing 2 million inmates in state, federal and county jails. (civilrights.org). Corrections current trend

The past trends of being tough on crime have led to raise concerns for the corrections in criminal justice. One of the present situation is that corrections department is facing overcrowding in inmate facilities. California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. recently announced a State of emergency proclamation regarding prisons overcrowding. All 33 California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) facilities in California are above maximum operational capacity. Since these facilities are running out of space and no more facilities will be constructed it has only forced staff to house more than 15,000 inmates in places where they can be potential safety risks. Some inmates have to sleep in triple bunks, prison gyms, dayrooms and other areas not suitable for inmate housing. In addition, overcrowding has caused substantial dangers not only to the inmates however to the correction officers, and staff who operate their daily routine. Some of the risks include violence, inmate misconduct and the difficulty of controlling an abundant amount of inmates in the facilities. Many the inmates are compacted in large common areas, many...
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