Topics: Pottery, Josiah Wedgwood, Stoke-on-Trent Pages: 4 (1593 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Wedgewoods abilities
Wedgewoods own abilities were important because these skills of his helped him set up his own buisness. He knew a lot of things about making pottery and used different kinds of colours, potters, glazes and designs, he got his ideas from roman and Greek vases to create his pottery like his copy of the portland vase. His intrest in science also helped him to make better quality pottery, he also invented a thermometer to be used in a pottery killn to measure high temperatures, he also bought shares in a clay mine in Cornwall in 1775, this meant he didn’t have to pay for it becasue he alreasy has some of it. This contributes to Wedgewoods success because higher quality pottery would make him more money which was good for a buisness man like him self, the cause for making this high quality pottery was his intrest in science because this is what helped him advance in making pottery. Another thing contributed to his success was the clay mine he bought because it made him quiet a lot of money because he owned it so he didn’t have to pay anything. Change in public taste

The demand was people started drinking tea, cofee and chocolate because the British Empire was starting around that time and different food started being imported from different countrys. And because of this they needed jugs, tea pots, milk jugs and saucers, Thomas Wieldon discovered that a mixture of China clay from cornwall with ground up flint made a pottery that fitted the publics new taste. Thanks to Wieldon who discovered this and worked with Wedgewood, this helped Wedgewood make the high quality pottery he made which lead to him been recomended by high British nobles. This contributes to Wedgewoods success because one the Englishs taste changed, Thomas Wieldon came along and made pottery that fitted the publics taste, this would help Wedgewood because he could use Wieldons ideas to make pottery and make lots of money out of it. Not did he onlyuse Wieldons ideas but he made...
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