Wedding Planning

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Background information on Wedding Planning
Definition of wedding planning Wedding planning is the process of coordinating all of the details involved in the making a wedding a remarkable event in accordance to the time schedule and budget of those responsible for the wedding. Objectives of wedding planning  Planning –This involves visualizing the wedding itself and then putting things in order for that vision to materialize.  Scheduling –This is creating a work plan for the events and activities that will make the wedding possible, this work plan should be governed by time constraints in order for things to be done in a timely manner.  Organizing-This is creating relationships between the activities being partaken in order to make the wedding a success.  Budgeting-This is making sure that the resources available for the wedding cover all the events, activities and items required for the wedding to materialize.  Record keeping-This is putting into paper all the records of activities events and items that have been seen to be a necessity to the materialization of the wedding. Making that wonderful day when you say, “I DO” a success is a complex process that involves a lot of planning, scheduling, organizing, budgeting and record keeping in order for things to turn out just right. The traditional method of wedding planning involves many people and a whole lot of paper work. A committee is usually formed to assist the couple that is about to wed and this committee holds a series of meetings in order to make that day a memorable one, minutes are taken and these are used as records to keep track of the progress of the wedding plans. This is usually quite cumbersome and times consuming because dealing with many people is difficult and the numerous volumes of records further complicates the wedding planning process. Problem Statement The traditional wedding planning process usually takes months or even years to come into place, which is quite a long...
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